Monday, February 22, 2010

Kirihara Erika nude pictures on the rock

Porn star from Japan, Erika Kirihara, newly admitted twice visiting Indonesia. But from that visit, the boys left the impression of Indonesia for Erika.

The girl's birth was December 15, 1987 assessing Indonesian guys who never met different from Japanese men who had been known. Women who are living in Tokyo is the first time to visit Indonesia in May 2009 and then. At that time he was on vacation in Bali.

"Boys Indonesia kok-friendly friendly, well, easy smile and cute-cute, too," he said, laughing with the Japanese language while talking to AFP detikhot office, Jl Warung Buncit Raya, South Jakarta, Wednesday (17/2/2010) .

Erika compared with Japanese men who had been known. According to him, the more cool Japanese guys against women. Japanese men rarely praised women in Negeri Sakura.

"If in my country, man-boyfriend was not too could treat us women well," he explained.

Besides being a guy Indonesia, berzodiak Sagittarius woman also liked the adam skin color in this country. For her dark skin very sexy Indonesian guy.

"I love you guys brown-skinned, dark skinned. It looks very interesting, "he added, smiling.

Erika, who played the character in the film Auntie Hanna 'Arisan BRONDONG' not closed the possibility to express himself in love with a guy having Indonesia. But like most women, she needs enough time to get to know the figure of the future potential lover.

"Can I aja Indonesia dating the same guy, after all, I'm also more single-kok. I hope I can visit Indonesia again, "he said.


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